FACSIMILE : Using any of the materials available, work with your group to create your own version of a classic image from an art/design genre of your choice. You could choose to interpret a famous oil painting, an album cover, a film still or an advert.



THE TASK: Produce ideas for a logo that will be used for the Studio 123 initiative. This logo will appear on all brief sheets and associated paperwork, and you will be credited with the work. You are on a design course, therefore as a metaphor the logo might symbolise: learning, creativity, imagination, collaboration, ideas etc. If you feel more comfortable, choose a working partner that complements your skillset. So for example, if you haven’t got any digital skills, work with someone who can help you to realise your ideas, and vice versa. You are permitted to work individually if you wish.


Adrian Trutkowski

My name is Adrian. I study Illustration and Animation at UCBC. The work that I’ve produced for my IA11139 2D Animation and IA11140 3D Animation modules goes…

Also, here is a link to my 3D Animation Showreel:


IA11140 3D Animation Showreel

This is a showreel with all of 3D animations I’ve created as part of my Module IA11140 at UCBC. Software I used: – AutoDesk Maya 2019 – Adobe Photoshop 2019 – Adobe Illustrator 2019 – Adobe PremierePro 2019 In some of those animation I also used free rigs from and free sound effects and music from

End of Year Show 2019

Billy Drinkwater Graphic Communication BA (Hons) – Annual Art & Design End of Year Show 2019.

“I was working as an Engineer when I decided to return to education as I really wanted to change careers and loved Graphic Design. I particularly enjoyed the freedom to explore any creative ideas I had whilst creating my Final Major Project and mastering InDesign helped me to generate paid work and commissions whilst I was still studying.”
“The support from the tutors was excellent and their expertise and knowledge really gave me the confidence to explore my own creativity.  I particularly enjoy creating different typefaces and for my Final Major Project I created a suite of typefaces which I have made available to download.”
“I would like to continue to work as a freelance graphic designer working for a variety of organisations and I continue to explore my branding and typography as my specialism. Completing this qualification has really changed my life!”